Odd name . . .
Wonderful story

Hobo Motorsports - you may think it a rather odd name and you would be correct but there's a story behind it . . .

It's about our son Patrick, who died from injuries sustained in a vintage motocross race in August 2017 - just a couple months after graduating high school.  He had plans to study motorcycle mechanics at MMI and aspired to find his way into wrenching for a professional motocross team.  Our lives came crashing down . . . all of the hopes and dreams suddenly vanished.  Riding and racing was a passion Patrick enjoyed and which I completely understand.  To ignore that would be to ignore part of what made him unique and I don't want to do that, hence the reason for kickstarting the "Hobo Motorsports" website.  It will be painful at times but it's a way to tell his story - which is important to me.  This site is to remember him and share a wonderful story of love.

To set the stage, lets explain the name and how it came to be:

As a teenager, Patrick and his friend Ben (who is a few years older and has a bit of a redneck nature)  always talked about oddball ideas and adventures.  They tended to be centered around something motorized, had to be low-budget and a bit silly or outlandish.  One of the things they often spoke of was the 24 hour of Lemons race.  For those of you not familiar with it, it is a race where you have a limit of how much you can spend on the car (typically $500 - $1000) and you do a 24 hour endurance race.  Though they never did get around to this, it embodied the whole aspect of cheap racing and just having fun.  When Patrick had friends over and it would often involve riding his little XR70 or the quads and along the way an idea would come up of building a jump or doing something silly.  Of course the Go-Pro or phones where always handy to record any chaos that ensued!

So they came up with the name Hobo Motorsports.  It's just meant to indicate a low budget, let's-just-have-fun approach to riding and racing.  Being a teenager and immersed in social media he even started a Facebook page for Hobo Motorsports and started to put a few of their videos on it.
Below is Patrick's original Hobo Motorsports logo
that he created from clip art.  When we decided to do the website we had his uncle Brendan do some upgrades:  It now includes his bike, the checker flag morphed into a checkered bag and the X through the dollar sign on MotorSports highlights the fact we work on a limited budget.  All in all we think he'd like the new look!


He and I rode motorcycles together for many years, starting to ride at the ripe old age of five! 
It progressed from riding around the property to ice racing, single track trail rides to motocross. 
He loved to ride and was a good, all-around rider and around 15 years of age he started getting
involved riding with me doing  post-vintage MX.  At one time he wanted to ride the amateur day
at a national arenacross event but the only bike he had was his post vintage 1979 YZ100.  That
didn't stop him though; he forged ahead and signed up for the 2-stroke class with that bike. 
Lining up on a 35 year old 100cc bike against newer 125's was quite a site!  This was long before
the Hobo Motorsports idea was even thought of but it certainly fit the concept.  I will guarantee
you he will go down in history as having ridden the oldest bike ever in an arenacross event!  The
announcer sure got a kick out of it.

No racing is cheap but we competed on a limited budget.  New bikes were not an option.  For vintage racing it usually involved picking up something rough and getting it restored into a race ready state.  Being a mechanic/machinist by trade I was able to do this and particulary enjoyed doing it for Patrick.  In 2015 we went back to the vintage event at Diamond Don's in Texas.  He was now old enough to compete in AHRMA classes and since I was not able to ride, the plan was to let him ride as many bikes and races he could that weekend.  

It was one of the wettest, muddiest weekends in Diamond Don history.  He rode the trials Friday morning and slogged through the cross-country that afternoon (we had to go looking for his gloves and goggles as he tossed those aside halfway through the race).  Saturday he won the intermediate Marty Tripes 100cc Revenge race!  He was so stoked!  Sunday he rode his little YZ again along with my AW400 Maico.  He was again at or near the front of his races but between the YZ running out of gas and ignition problems on the Maico, he ending pushing back to the trailer several times that day.  He was really enjoying this and as he progressed started riding more modern bikes too, adding a '99 CR125 and '09 YZ250F to the stable.  However he really loved the vintage scene and I wanted to build him something more competitive for the 100cc races . . . . ​​

1982 YZ100's are the hot bike for that class but it was difficult to find one locally and or at a reasonable price.  I stumbled across a really rough 1981 YZ125 (first year for the water pumper) and an idea came to my head:  From this we built our 100 hybrid, rebuilding the bike and fitting an '82 YZ100 air-cooled top end to make it legal for the class.  It gave him something more competitive and different from the rest.  He already had the Hobo Motorsports logo printed on his jersey so he had some decals made up and I engraved the name on the waterpump cover, making this our official "Hobo Motorsports" bike. 

Patrick loved this little bike.  In his senior year of high school we had plans to so something special that was motorcycle related.  Several ideas just didn't pan out due to logistics but then he said "why don't we go back down to Diamond Don's".  Getting to do another road trip and race with my son is something I always enjoy so I jumped on that!  It was a memorable weekend.  Not only was it warm and dry, he rode great.  He took a second in the intermediate 100cc race on Saturday then said he wanted to try signing up with the experts for Sunday.  There's some fast company in this group such as former pro Guy Cooper (a regular at Diamond Don's and all around nice guy) .  The schedule for the day gave Patrick back to back races.  He won both motos of the 125 intermediate race but then had to immediately line up for the 100cc expert race.  In the first moto he started in 3rd having a great shot of Guy in his GoPro footage.  He slipped back for mid pack finishes but it was a good result for his first try running with the experts.

This is a brief history of how it came about.  Patrick was many things, he also loved music; playing in many of the school bands & jamming with his friends.  We all are remembering him in different ways.  My wife continues to engage with the band as she was heavily involved in that during Patrick's school years and it's a part of what she remembers of him.  For me the tears I cry are my own personal pain; it reminds me of how special he was and I never want that to fade.  Being Patrick's father was one of the greatest joys I've had.  While it would be easy to close the doors and let this consume me, I also want to tell Patrick's story and Hobo Motosports gives me a voice to do this; it's my tribute to him. 


SRAC did a parade lap in honor of Patrick for the final chamionship race at Aztec.  Ryan Helger at Intensity Videography captured this and created a tibute video.