Patrick impacted a lot of people and conversely there where many people who poured into his life.  If we tried to list everyone, we would certainly miss a few.  While we don't really have sponsors, below are a few businesses or organizations that helped Patrick the past few years in a special way and to whom we would like to say "Thank you"
We always liked Short Stop burgers and they are often at many sporting and racing events.  When Patrick approached Ted about sponsorship he offered him a discount on food.  It quickly morphed into free food, which for a teenage boy without a steady income was a great deal!  Ted would always ask about Patrick and treated him very kindly.  He's a good guy and we thank him for his kindness and support of Patrick.  
Robert "Sab" Sabatini is a gentleman Patrick met during the 2015 Diamond Don's mudfest race in Texas.  Patrick inquired about support and Sab, after seeing his ability and composure -  winning on Saturday and composure in the difficult circumstances, graciously provided Patrick with support in the form of new gear for a year.  It was a huge moral boost to Patrick at a time in his life when he was discouraged.  I've lost touch with Sab and am not sure if he's actively supporting other riders but if anyone ever talks to him, tell him I said thanks for his support of Patrick .


This is a fund for the kids in Black Forest where Patrick grew up.  He was awarded a scholarship and it was one of the first they awarded to a trade school.  They thought it was pretty neat and they embraced Patrick in his passion.  If you want to donate to a scholarship fund in this area and do something in his memory, we would recommend this. 


Ryan graciously recorded the parade lap in honor of Patrick and compiled it with a few other clips.  He showed this at the SRAC and RMVMC banquets - we are grateful for this.  Contact him if you need any video work.  719-568-3309


These are the local motocross clubs Patrick rode with.  They both have been very supportive of Patrick and in remembering him.  He loved his moto-family!

Pregnancy Crisis Centers

Clearly adoption is something that's dear to our hearts.  The names vary but in every major city you'll find a pregnancy crisis center that helps young mothers through difficult times.  Whether it's choosing to walk the road of a single mother or put a child up for adoption, these are the options that choose life and place value on a innocent life.  I encourage you to support these efforts in your local area.
While this is something we will never be "over", I've ready many books regarding grieving in the months after Patrick died to help me wrap my mind and emotions around it.    However one book I read is called "Imagine Heaven" by John Burke, which has nothing to do with that.  It looks at near death experiences in light of the Bible.  To those of us who believe in Jesus it's exciting to think of what lies ahead.  If you've not thought about what life is and if there is more than this world, I encourage you to pause and consider.  If you would like a copy of this book, drop us a note - we'll be glad to send you one for free.  I want people to know the hope that Patrick had - and despite the constant pain, the hope we still have.